Mommy and Me Pre-K 5-6 yrs. old 7-9 yrs. old 10-13 yrs. old

Classes created by age, ability, 10 students per class maximum

Mommy and Me: This class is taught through song, dance, movement, games and interactive activities. The young brain is uniquely suited to these learn-by-play methods which enable them to absorb Chinese as easily as they acquire their first language. Our youngest learners love coming to their classes, and so do their mothers or caregivers!

Pre-K: This class uses pictures, props and TPR (Total Physical Response) to create an immersion experience for our Pre-K students. Our students learn through various activities such as: singing, rhyming, practical dialogue, dance and movement. Students interact with their teacher and fellow students to start a lifelong love for Chinese.  

5-6 yrs. old: Listening comprehension and speaking ability are the focus for this age group. This class is taught through simple Q & A dialogue, storytelling, singing, games and simple character recognition. Homework consists of fun puzzles, games, and artwork that reinforces their in-school lessons.

7-9 yrs. old: This age group focuses on Role-playing, retelling stories, simple conversation, asking and answering in complete sentences, character recognition and writing. Our textbook and workbook contain practical topics that reflect our students’ day to day routines.

10-13 yrs. old: Through role-play, drama, simple Chinese poems and short stories, this group enjoys talking with their teacher and peers in Mandarin with ease. Character recognition and writing play a greater role; Pinyin is introduced, which will enable them to familiarize with the phonetic system of Chinese. Computer skills to write Chinese is also introduced to this group.